How does the booking process work?

Customers can browse through providers, submit service requests, and receive proposals. Once a provider accepts, the booking moves to the scheduled phase, where both parties finalize details.

What services are offered on your platform?

We offer a range of residential and commercial lawn care services, including lawn mowing, landscaping, seasonal maintenance, tree and shrub care, irrigation management, and more.

How do I become a provider?

Visit our "Become a Provider" section, create your profile, and showcase your skills and services. Once approved, you can start receiving booking proposals from interested customers.

Can I choose a specific date and time for my lawn care service?

Yes, our platform allows customers and providers to discuss and finalize the date and time for scheduled services. We prioritize flexibility to meet your convenience.

How are providers vetted on your platform?

We thoroughly vet providers by reviewing their profiles, checking references, and ensuring they meet our standards for professionalism and expertise.

Is there a review system for providers?

Yes, customers can leave reviews and ratings based on their experience with providers. This helps build a transparent and trustworthy community.

Do providers bring their equipment, or do I need to provide it?

Providers typically bring their own equipment. However, you can discuss specific requirements with your chosen provider during the booking process.